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Kargopark is the first domestic smart locker manufacturer of Turkey, that changes the game in delivery system. With the mission of “Your package is always here!”, Kargopark aims to create a free world for delivery and e-commerce companies, end users and all stakeholders of the delivery ecosystem.

Kargopark is a parcel delivery point that anyone can own and use. Behind Kargopark, there is the deep knowledge, experience and strong corporateness of a 26 year old technology company, Senkron Tech.

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Gönderileri güvenli ve akıllı dolaplarda saklayan Kargopark ile son kullanıcılar kendi günlük hayatlarına göre teslimatlarını yönetebilirken, kargo şirketleri teslimat ve iade maliyetlerini en aza indirir, e-ticaret siteleriyse teslimat süreçlerinden doğan problemleri ortadan kaldırır.

Mile Stones of Kargopark

We have produced the first smart locker, which is developed with inhouse software and technology for Borusan Holding.


We have launched our shared business model for residential buildings.


With the increasing demand of the delivery sector, we have expanded the shared business model for the public areas.


With the pandemic, we have become the supplier and business partner of e- commerce and parcel delivery companies.


We have more than 150 locations in 9 cities.



  • Enabling all consumers, especially parcel delivery companies and e- commerce, to have a more free and easy delivery experience,

  • Providing space and time independent, free and contactless delivery with our  innovative and reliable products & solutions.

  • To be the company that makes this innovative delivery technology accessable to everyone.


  • To change the rules of conventional delivery system in the world and Turkey.

  • To create a Deli-free Zone for all stakeholders of the delivery system with an innovative delivery solution.


Corporate Values

We are innovative

We encourage thoughtful, creative and inspiring ideas.

Customer Focused

The present and future needs of our customers are valuable to us.


Corporate Values

We are based on the principle of sustainability.

We are aware of our responsibilities towards the planet we live on, all our social stakeholders and the work we do. Every step we take is based on the principle of “sustainability”.

We empathize

We care about all our partners.





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