Asset Management Lockers

Do you also want to ensure your security with asset management lockers?
Asset Management Lockers provide organization, storage, management, tracking, reporting, and authorized use of types of equipment and inventories, which are belong to the corporation. Asset Management Locker is a system, which allows all company inventories to be recorded, listed, tracked, and reported to related departments. Thanks to these features, it facilitates the workflow processes and provides efficiency, saves time, and a remarkable amount of cost advantages to enterprises.
  • Integration ability with API support
  • Compatible with Microsoft and Linux
  • Optional touchscreen
  • LAN, WIFI Bluetooth connection
Production Facilities

Repair Facilities

Logistics Centers
Office Buildings
Shared Offices

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Mailroom Lockers

In organizations where interdepartmental document and package circulation is high, it is a management system that transmits valuable documents to relevant units in a registered and controllable manner.

Smart Lock Solutions

Smart Lock Solutions offer security, efficiency, integration, and innovation for organizations, creating an ergonomic work environment.

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