Smart Lock Solutions

Do you also want to ensure your security with
smart locks?
By completely eliminating the outdated manual lock systems that disrupt the operation; personnel can effortlessly access the locker with multiple access options such as mobile application, personnel card, or QR code. Smart Lock Solutions offer various advantages such as; security, efficiency, and HR scorings with the ability to integrate with other software of the corporate. Kargopark contributes to the generation of a more ergonomic and contemporary working environment with its innovative smart lock solutions offered within the scope of special projects and originated for corporate needs.
  • Waterproof design to protect all electronic components.
  • Long service life, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Equipped with a manual unlocking lever for emergency situations.
  • Maximum safety ensured by a stainless steel lock housing.
Production Facilities
Educational Institutions
Virtual/Shared Offices

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Asset Management Lockers

It enables the organization, management, tracking, authorized personnel usage, and reporting of company-owned equipment and inventory.

Mailroom Lockers

In organizations where interdepartmental document and package circulation is high, it is a management system that transmits valuable documents to relevant units in a registered and controllable manner.